Classes are 45 minutes long.
Maximum of 10 children per class accompanied by a parent, grandparent or carer.
Children will receive a weekly activity sheet to go into their music book (provided).
I can almost guarantee your child will have a good sleep afterwards!

Babies (3-12 months)

Lessons are bucket loads of fun and include songs, rhymes, bounces, wiggles and tickles, movement, dramatic play, props, musical instruments and stories. Lessons will strengthen the bond between caregiver and child and equip you with songs, rhymes and games to use at home. Music builds strong neurological pathways, giving your baby the best head start in life.

Tiny Tots (12-24 months)

This class aims to foster a love and enjoyment of music with parent and child interacting in a happy environment. It will provide tactile experiences of the beat through body awareness and teach a wide repertoire of rhymes, games and songs.

Children will play dramatic games and work towards turn taking and responding to their own names. They will also learn to anticipate the climax of an action/rhyme/song and to participate at appropriate times, e.g. stopping and starting on a given signal.

Toddler (2-3 years)

Musical experiences begin to widen as your child emerges into the toddler stage. Now steadier on their feet, and with an ever increasing vocabulary, early musical experiences will include more exploration and discovery, language extension, organised listening and more cooperative musical play with others.

Children will begin the development of in-tune singing, develop a strong sense of beat and distinguish between singing and speaking voice. 

Pre-School (3-5 years)

Once children reach the age of three, they are ready for so much more as they are perceptually more alert, have far greater body control and are more able to use, understand and enjoy language. Singing games form a valuable part of our lesson time offering a complete musical experience. The setting is safe and non threatening. The repetition of the song helps children "tune up" and it builds confidence and sense of belonging.

Musical concepts such as tempo, pitch, volume, beat and rhythm are introduced which contribute to listening skills and greater aural discrimination.

Kindy (5 years)

This class is offered as a stand alone class for 5 year olds when there are sufficient numbers.

Family - Multi Age (12 months - 5 years)

Family classes offer parents the opportunity to bring siblings to the same class so that everyone can join in the fun. Musical experiences are designed to meet the differing developmental needs. Younger siblings will often learn from older children as these older students make great role models for the infants.